Whyt Whey Favorites Songbook

Appleholm loves singing. We have collected some of our favorites into a songbook (typeset using Lilypond) for the benefit of the populace. Here is the current version of the songbook, as a .pdf. Suggestions and corrections are welcome! You may print out copies for yourself or to give away.

Whyt Whey Songbook

The Lilypond typesetting files are stored in a repository on github. Updates welcome! https://github.com/piglet/whyt-whey-songbook

Our first songbook was the first (period) half of Baroness Cecilia’s Essential SCA Songbook, to which we added another 17(!) songs, both period and locally written bardic (namely, our EK and provincial anthems).  The majority of the additional material was researched and provided by Lady Sarah Byrd, once director of our SingThing choral group, now residing in Dragonship Haven.  Music was also contributed by Lady Melanie de la Tour, now of Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir, and Lady Alienor Salton.

This songbook provides simplified versions of our more popular tunes from that original collection.  More songs coming soon!