Minutes of April 21, 2016 Canton Meeting

Here are the minutes from our canton commons meeting, held this past Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Whyt Whey Commons Meeting April 2016

Topics included the vote on the canton arms, the canton bank account, model & photo release forms for the website, the canton songbook, Meetups, accessible free spaces for meetings, the Seahorse, upcoming A&S classes, upcoming local activities, Cloisters demo & the Picnic in the Ruins.

2 thoughts on “Minutes of April 21, 2016 Canton Meeting

  1. Further updates: device has been sent to EK submissions herald. Webminister has received release forms from models & photographers for the officers’ directory page. Songbook lilypond (a music formatting program) files have been released onto github (see songbook page for link). We are still looking for meet up spaces. A&S classes are steadily continuing. Several Queen’s favors have been completed & turned in; more to follow.

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