Planning for Cloisters Demo


Check-in (drivers): 9am.
Unload & setup: 9am – 11am.
Assemble for opening procession (front gate): 11:15am.
Opening Procession: 11:30am.
*Sprang class (Lady Alienor): noon.
Music & Dance demo: noon.
Combat demo, armored & rapier: 12:30am.
Metalwork demo (in unicorn forum!): 1pm.
*Calligraphy class (Lady Lada): 1pm.
*Nålbinding class (Lady Beatrice): 2pm.
Fashion show: 2pm.
Dance demo: 2:30pm.
Combat demo, armored & rapier: 3pm.
*Finger-loop braiding class (Ladies Arnora & Vika): 3pm.
Fiber Arts demos: 3:30pm.
Concert: 4pm.
Court: 5pm.
Pack up: 6pm (until done).

Most demos are ongoing, but have been highlighted in the printed schedule at the times given above.

Parking passes: The parking pass list has been submitted. Thank you to those who volunteered to park elsewhere! Parking passes have been requested for these 12 drivers: Suuder, Gui, Ronan, Sofya, Mungo, Magdalena, Vincenzo, Duggmore, Alienor, Brandr, Matilda & Elizabeth. All drivers are welcome to drive onsite between 9am and 11am to setup, and again after 6pm to break down. If you are on the parking pass list, you may collect your pass at 9:30am from the festival volunteers at the front gate of Fort Tryon park.

Infrastructure: Against the walkway at the top of the hill, we will have the large provincial green & white tent with private space in the back for our potluck, for resting & for armor storage. The front area of the green & white will be dedicated to demo tables, with room under the tent for visitors to step under cover. Between the green & white & the fighting list (shared among combat participants including youth combat) we will have a changing popup, divided into separate halves. In front of the green & white will be a classes tent. On either side of the classes tent we will have a chatelaine’s tent, a kid’s tent, and a number of other popups dedicated to demos. Please bring banners for color!!!

Demos: Here are the people who have told me what they are demo-ing. I assume we also have fighters & fencers who have not explicitly mentioned their demo as they do not need table space.
Arnora: inkle loom. Finger-loop braiding class.
Beatrice: nålbinding class.
Brandr: metalworking.
Mungo: either weapons or leaded glass.
Conor: stained glass demo.
Matilda: helping w/ fashion show, water bearing for ACL combat.
Arnbjorg: chain mail jewelry & Viking wire weaving.
Duggmore: chain mail jewelry & woodworking.
Vika: kirtle sewing. Finger-loop braiding class.
Judith: masks & noisemakers.
Lada: calligraphy. Calligraphy class.
Suuder: archery.
Alienor: tablet weaving. Sprang class.
Angelica: card stock paper dolls for kids table.
Sofya & Magdalena: chatelaine’s table. Brass rubbings for kids table.
Dala: helping at kids table.
Mathghamhain: youth combat.
Branimira: binder w/ embroidered favors.
Benjamin: period board games.
Wilhelm & Conandil: dancing.

Classes: we are offering 4 classes, in a central popup with tables & chairs. There will be sign-up sheets for each class available with a class limit of 10 participants.
Sprang (Lady Alienor): noon.
Calligraphy (Lady Lada): 1pm.
Nålbinding (Lady Beatrice): 2pm.
Finger-loop braiding (Ladies Arnora & Vika): 3pm.

Arnora: bagels & cream cheese
Angelica: ice, water, 2 large orange water dispensers, cups, flatware, plates, paper towels, garbage bags.
Vika & Simon: salami, cheese, grapes.
Judith: Scotch eggs.
Godiva: ham.
Sofya: watermelon.

As usual, the festival will be providing lunch via volunteers. Instead of providing meal tickets this year, you are asked to supply your group name (SCA) to the lunch volunteers. I can’t tell you where the food is because I have never managed to get away from the demo in prior years. We will find someone who does know on the day.

Fashion show, 2pm: To participate in the fashion show (all in garb are welcome!!), please collect an entry card from Lady Godiva. We will be asking for your geographic location, your time period, and any relevant (short!) details of your garb to which you would like to draw attention. Our voice herald will call the show, for which participants will walk a short circle on the grass to display their garb. Nothing fancy required.

Concert, 4pm: To participate in the concert, please print & bring with you or collect at the concert a songbook. All the songs are simple & most are well known to the populace. Emphasis is on social rather than professional singing.

6 thoughts on “Planning for Cloisters Demo

  1. Will need to find out how many pop-ups Suuder can bring…there are two or more available.
    I have two pop-ups, a fairly normal 10×10′, and a 13’x13′ pop-up from hell.

    Tables: I have two small tables (4′ long), one of which will be dedicated for Dyanna/Judith Fitzhenry’s masks. If need be, I can order another folding table (or two).

    I have a small child-size folding card table, and have another adult sized card table (wood, heavy!) that I anticipate we can use for the children’s/family craft area.
    I have three child sized chairs.

    Adult/exhibitor chairs – three folding chairs, including my wood x-chair. If muscle is available, I also have a five foot wood bench which would do for exhibitor rest-area, or class-seating.

    pot-luck…. I’ll bring two large drinking water dispensers, ice for the water, and drinking NYC drinking water. I will bring plastic cups for those who do not bring their own cups, and plastic flatware, and napkins. I will bring garbage bags.

  2. Looks like a fantastic schedule.
    I have a 6 foot table I will bring for the chatelaine’s area as well as two seats. I was wondering if there was a pop up for me?

    I will be bringing something for the pot luck. I will bring a watermelon and will also have something else more substantial. I’ll let you know next week.

  3. I bought (and will bring) two additional folding tables (4′ x 20″) that I think will serve well for our pot-luck food area.

    Re: posting class announcements on-site at the Cloisters demo (Fort Tryon Medieval Festival)
    I bought chalkboard paint in white, and will use it for two thin boards 44″H x 24″W (can link them together as a free-standing sandwich board). I have pink and green pastel chalks, but will also print out the classes on paper which can be taped to the boards.

    One other thing, in previous years Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste expressed an interest in an easel. I have a wood tripod easel which is five feet high.

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