Commons Meeting and Evening in the Solar, October 3rd – DIFFERENT LOCATION

Please join us on Thursday, October 3rd, for a Commons meeting and an Evening in the Solar.

This is our usual quarterly commons and business meeting. If you have anything you’d like to put on the agenda, please email the Seneschal. (Also, bring receipts from recent demos for reimbursement.)

Following Commons, please stay for a class on Introduction to Natural Dyeing, taught by Lord Þórfinnr Hróðgeirsson! We will explore dyeing with the chief trifecta of European dyes: madder red, weld yellow and woad blue.

If you wish to actively take part in dyeing, please wear clothing that can get stained very permanently, and bring a clean, white protein fiber such as wool.  We will most likely be dyeing blue, as it is the quickest.  If you wish to dye red or yellow, please reach out to Þórfinnr ahead of time so we can get you set up.

Different location: The Commons and the Solar will be hosted at Þórfinnr‘s: 165 W. 66th St., Apt. 4E. Commons will begin at 7pm, and the solar will follow.

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