Jan 30: Whyt Whey Presents the Saturday Night Solar: Songwriting 101

Please join Whyt Whey with Ajir in this Introduction to the Music of the Modern Middle Ages

In this all-levels class, we will learn the fundamentals of songwriting, and how to take your idea from a seed to a song. We will address song form, chord structure, rhyme schemes, and lyrical content, and will try to address specific student concerns.

Please join us here: https://meet.google.com/otq-vnjr-qfk

Ajir has been in the Society since 1990. Active mainly in Caid until 2014, Ajir was known there as Red Lórien of Oak River. She has been active in the East Kingdom since 2018. Ajir is best known for writing and performing music of the modern middle ages, as well as pyrography and other visual arts.

The Saturday Night Solar occurs every other Saturday night at 8:00 PM ET. The Canton of Whyt Whey in the Crown Province of Østgarðr hosts teachers and topics from all over the Known World so that even when we are apart, we can learn together.

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