March 27: Whyt Whey Presents the Saturday Night Solar: Introduction to Religion in Ancient Rome

Please join Whyt Whey with the Lady Domina Aelia Fortunata of Carolingia as we explore religious practice in Ancient Rome! A real treat for early-period personae!

This class will explore a broad range of topics related to religion and religious thought in classical Rome. We’ll dip our toes into a little of everything, including how religion affected people’s daily lives, the relationship between the Roman and Greek religions, and a basic overview of how the religion was even structured, as well as how Romans interacted with non-Roman religions. 

No prior knowledge of Roman history or culture is necessary, and participants are strongly encouraged to ask questions. 

Please join us here:

Domina Aelia Fortunata is a Roman woman from somewhere within the first centuries BCE and CE. She lives in the Barony of Carolingia, where she serves as dancemistress. 

Mundanely, she holds a BA in Classical Civilization from Beloit College.

The Saturday Night Solar occurs every other Saturday night at 8:00 PM ET. The Canton of Whyt Whey in the Crown Province of Østgarðr hosts teachers and topics from all over the Known World so that even when we are apart, we can learn together.