January 15: Whyt Whey presents the Saturday Night Solar: Finger Loop Braiding Make and Take!

Join Scheiny of Dalhraidia to learn how to make a five- bowe [five loop] braid. This can be modified to three or seven based on personal preference. 

Students will need: 

-At least three yards of yarn in two colors each. Two skeins of embroidery floss is more than enough. 

– scissors

– ruler/ measuring tape [no big deal if you don’t have one] 

– A shoe on one of your feet

Please join us here: https://meet.google.com/otq-vnjr-qfk

Finger loop braiding is a historical way to make cords that can be used as decorative trim or favors, or practical applications such as lacing, drawstrings, button loops, purse straps, seals on documents, etc. Finds date back at least to the Bronze Age Hallstatt Salt Mines. 

Finger loop braids can be made by individuals or collaboratively by pairs or even groups of people. It is done by manipulating loops, called “bowes”, through each other rather than wrapping individual strings around each other as in typical braiding. 

More information, including patterns, can be found at sites such as www.loopbraider.com and www.fingerloop.org.

Scheiny of Dalhraidia is an Iron Age Insular Celt. She enjoys [swearing at] card weaving, finger loop braiding, and sprang. Scheiny has been medievally LARPing since 2009, and has been wading deeper into the SCA since her first Pennsic, Pennsic 41, especially drawn in by the expertise available in fiber arts. At events she especially enjoys attending classes, teaching belly dance and finger loop braiding, and eating. She’s card woven as Least Weasel Weaving since 2015 and finger loop braided since 2016. She also leads Port wine tastings, and enjoys unicorns, puns, and cheese. 



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