Join Us at the Cloisters on October 2

Preparation is now in full swing for our public event at the Cloisters on Sunday, October 2, and we’d love your help!

This is the SCA’s biggest demo opportunity of the year, with more than fifty thousand people attending New York City’s annual medieval festival.

• Chatelaines, help us answer questions and welcome newcomers!
• Artists and artisans and researchers, exhibit your work to an audience of thousands!
• Musicians and bards, set the mood and capture the attention of the crowd!
• Rattan and rapier fighters, display your mettle before cheering fans!
• Everyone, spend the day showing the public the best of our Society!

All are welcome at this free event, and pre-registration is not needed, but if you’re able to join us, please let us know now so that we can include you in our plans.

Comment here, or email, or message me at, or join our planning call by Google Meet on Thursday, September 15, at 7 PM Eastern here:

Event location and schedule details are available on our website: