April Commons Minutes

The canton’s quarterly business meeting was held online April 24. The minutes below were recorded by Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin and reviewed by Alienor Salton.


• Alienor Salton, Seneschal
• Zahra de Andaluzia, Exchequer
• Angelica di Nova Lipa, Chatelaine and Vicereine
• Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, Herald
• Ibrahim al-Rashid, Arts & Sciences

Absent Officers:
• Simon Talbot, Webminister

Provincial Guests:
• Vitasha Ivanova doch’, Provincial Minister of Lists

Meeting called to order at 7:05.


Alienor: Since our last meeting we’ve hosted a weaving workshop, monthly museum outings, and several dance practices.

I am traveling for the next week, so will not be able to host a dance practice this coming weekend, but I’ll organize one when I return, before our road trip to Dancing Fox, May 13th. Our last dance practice was in a local park, and for the next one we’ll probably return to the General Grant Memorial Overlook Pavilion (122nd at Riverside).


Angelica: Appleholm’s dance and museum initiatives have attracted two newcomers (Madwen and Sarah) in the last quarter. Another Appleholm UWS resident (Estar) found us via Jenna Childslayer’s online Pennsic 101 class. Estar and I traveled together to the An Dubh Schola at Stony Brook. I and other Appleholm residents have been welcoming and helpful to these newcomers, and we look forward to Dancing Fox in their good company.

Chatelaine quarterly reports to EK have been correctly submitted.


Mathghamhain: Our branch name change is continuing to wend its way through the heraldic commentary process, and no problems have been encountered so far. (The legacy household name to preserve the Whyt Whey has been subject to more discussion, but appears likely to be registrable in one form or another.) Results are likely to be made official in mid-July.


Ibrahim: I helped Zahra get access to the bank website. The report seems to have gone okay.

Zahra: Yes, thanks for the help, the exchequer’s quarterly report was filed.


Alienor: I checked in with Simon, who reports that there is no news from the webministry.

Arts and Sciences

Ibrahim: Thorfinn is considering hosting some local A&S gatherings in-person at his home. Perhaps mead-making? Simple garb sewing? Contact him or me with class ideas.

Mathghamhain: Our series of museum trips are going well. It was great seeing people at the Cloisters yesterday. I’m currently looking for suggestions on other destinations for future visits.

Ibrahim: The Met is having an exhibit Juan de Pareja, a seventeenth-century Spanish painter of African descent. He’s post-period, but interesting.

Alienor: I’ve been enjoying our visits to small less-known galleries.

Upcoming Events

Alienor: Our next commons meeting will be in July.

Mathghamhain: I’d love to find a venue that was both beautiful and affordable for an in-person non-competitive A&S-themed event later this year.

Mathghamhain: I’ve asked WHIDC to confirm the date of the Cloisters medieval festival this fall — it’s probably the first weekend in October, but some years it’s been the last weekend in September instead.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30.