Greetings, gentle!

Welcome to the Canton of Whyt Whey!  We are the Manhattan chapter of the SCA,  located in the Crown Province of Østgardr, which is comprised of the counties of New York (Whyt Whey), Kings (Brokenbridge), Queens, Bronx, Westchester (Northpass), Putnam, Richmond & Nassau (Lions End).

Map of the Southern Region of the East Kingdom

You are welcome to socialize with us on Facebook. You may also join our mailing list for news and updates, straight to your inbox.

Newcomers are welcome to show up at events and local meetings. For events, you must make some attempt at wearing medieval dress. If you would like to borrow some, we have loaner clothing (called Gold Key) available through our chatelaine. Contact the event steward, whose information will be available on the event’s announcement page, or our chatelaine, at

Local meetings such as our arts & sciences Evenings in the Solar, our dance practices, fighter practice, and so on, are held in modern clothing.

4 thoughts on “Greetings, gentle!

  1. I would love to become more involved in your SCA community.
    Please alert me of any upcoming intro meetings?
    My interests in the mundane world are cooking, baking, knitting, crochet, bead work. I am also a Belly Dancer [ on the D.L. as of now with an injured knee ]

  2. Hi, Elizabeth! Great to hear from you. I (Lady Alienor Salton, mundanely known as Piglet) am working on getting a calendar linked to our website, so you can see all upcoming meetings at a glance. We have an Arts & Sciences gathering every month. I believe our next meeting is December 17th at 7pm, and that I am teaching a class on sprang (a weft-less weaving technique from the ancient world). Directions to the meeting may be found here:

    We stay connected locally via a Yahoo group, and via a Facebook group,

    I am passing your email on to our Chatelaine, Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa, who will welcome you to the group & add anything I missed, and also to our Minister of Arts & Sciences, Lady Godiva d’Mer, who can fill you in on upcoming activities. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Greetings,

    I will be visiting the area in mid July. Are there any rapier practices in the area I could attend?

    Thank you for your time,

  4. Hello & greetings to the Canton of Whyt Whey.
    I am travelling from the Barony of Stormhold, in the Kingdom of Lochac (Melbourne, Australia) to attend Pennsic again this year.
    I’ve not visited NY city before (or DC), so plan to arrive at NY city the afternoon of Tuesday 26 July and was hoping to stay 2 nights before heading to check out DC.
    Would any of your wonderful group be in a position to host me for 2 nights? Appreciate any assistance.
    In friendship
    Master Baron Hanbal al Barbari OP

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